Maintenance cleaning

Our cleaning service

Your holiday guests should feel comfortable in the property and be glad to come back. Therefore, all rooms inside should be clean and tidy, and the outdoor area should have a well-kept atmosphere. When cleaning , we will put the entire place in a hygienic and clean condition, so that the next guests may come. Maintenance cleaning is part of our all-inclusive services.



  • ventilating all rooms
  • disposing of waste
  • retrieving any forgotten objects
  • removing visible dirt and dust
  • Replacing used textiles, such as bed linen, hand and dish towels, possibly also bathmats, with clean ones
  • Replacing consumer items, including soap, shower gel, possibly shampoo, toilet paper in bathrooms and toilets, dishwashing liquid, sponges, and tabs if dishwasher is available, trash bags, etc.
  • Testing of lamps and replace bulbs, if necessary
  • Testing of electrical appliances for proper functioning
  • sucking furniture
  • sucking and wet cleaning of floors
  • cleaning windows if necessary 



  • Thoroughly cleaning of cooking and rinsing areas, as well as all work surfaces
  • Checking and cleaning the oven, microwave and dishwasher, where fitted
  • Cleaning of the outside of the kitchen cabinets and the inside when dirty
  • Checking of refrigerator for perishable food residues and disposing of, then cleaning thoroughly
  • Decalcify coffee machine and water boiler. Possibly purchase water filter to reduce descaling
  •  Checking dishes and cutlery for cleanliness
  •  Checking leftover food and beverages that can be reused (e.g., coffee grounds, tea bags, spices, etc.) for minimum expiry date and disposing of, if necessary



  • Thoroughly cleaning of sink, mirror, shower/bathtub
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of toilet, including attachment (ring and lid) inside and outside
  • Wiping down cupboards, shelves and racks
  • Checking grout lines in tubs and tiles for mold growth. Taking countermeasures as needed



  • Outside Cleaning of cupboards, mirrors and bedside tables
  • Checking of cupboards inside for dust and cleaning if necessary
  • Sucking floors and carpets and wet cleaning, if necessary


Living room:

  • Checking of furnishings such as sofas, tables, chairs, carpets, lamps for cleanliness and cleaning, if necessary
  • Dedusting decorations 
  • Checking pillowcases and blankets for cleanliness and damages and replacing if necessary