Additional service

Basic cleaning

1 to 2 times a year we recommend or perform basic cleaning of all rooms and furniture. Suitable occasions are before and after the holiday season. 


In addition to all points of the maintenance cleaning, the basic cleaning also includes:

  • cleaning of all cupboards from the inside and outside
  • dusting and cleaning of radiators
  • cleaning of doors and windows
  • the refrigerator will be completely emptied and cleaned from the inside and disinfected 
  • upholstered furniture receives a professional cleaning. 


The basic cleaning also includes:

  •  all devices are checked for defects and safety issues
  • filters and lamps are checked and replaced if necessary
  • Taps, hoses, shower and bath tubs are checked for leaks and repaired if necessary.

If you are interested, we will be happy to make you an offer for your property after an inspection.