8 tips for good photos of your property

Before the photo shoot, your holiday property should of course be completely and properly cleaned.

  1. Turn on all lights: floor lamps, bedside lamps, wall lamps and others. Don't skip any.
  2. Open the curtains, blinds and shutters so that the rooms can be flooded with daylight.
  3. Cover or hide all cords and wires as best you can.
  4. Hide/cover up unsightly objects such as trash cans, control devices, bathrobes and others.
  5. Keep the toilet lid closed and place a new roll of toilet paper. Gladly with folding.
  6. Remove personal items from the bathroom, fold towels or hang them up neatly and check the cleanliness of the bathroom again.
  7. Open all doors to create a better perception of the layout of the room.
  8. Check the bed linen and upholstery for wrinkles, iron again if necessary and cover all zips and labels, even on decorative cushions.

If you follow these 8 most important tips, you should already be getting good photos of your property.