Our tips for cleaning

The most important areas of cleaning your vacation property

When you clean your vacation home, make sure all corners of your home are clean. However, there are a few areas that you should pay special attention to, as they are critical to guest comfort and a positive guest experience.


Cleanliness and hygiene play a particularly important role in the kitchen of your holiday apartment, as this is where your guests prepare their meals. So make sure the cooking area is given a thorough cleaning after each stay. In order not to forget anything, go through all areas, such as work surfaces, kitchen appliances, stove & oven, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and all dishes.



The bathroom is the most intimate area in a home. Even though visitors don't spend much time there, spotless cleaning is of great importance in this place. So bring your bathroom to a high gloss and include the washbasin, mirror, shower/bathtub, cupboards and shelves, waste bin and toilet. Also make sure that items such as soap, shower gel, toilet paper and fresh towels are available in sufficient quantities for the next guests. Since guests rarely ventilate the room sufficiently, check regularly for mold growth. When mold begins to form, you can still efficiently counteract it with suitable means.



The bedroom is a retreat for guests. Here you can relax and recover with a good night's sleep so that you can start the next day well rested and fit. Since this is a very personal place for your guests, there must be no traces of previous visitors. So that your guests feel completely comfortable in the bedroom, make sure that the cupboards, bedside tables, mirrors, floors and carpets (including under the bed!) are freshly cleaned for the newly arrived guests. Of course, the beds should also be freshly made. Wrinkle-free, smoothly ironed white bed linen gives the impression of a high hotel standard and conveys special hygiene and cleanliness.


Living room

Finally, you should take enough time to clean the living room. Especially if families or groups stay with you, they will most likely use the living area more often for a get-together. Furnishings such as sofas, tables, chairs, carpets, lamps, decorations or cushion covers should therefore always be clean.


Sauna, fitness area & garden

Many holidaymakers like to treat themselves to the luxury of a holiday home with a cozy terrace for barbecuing, a beautiful garden to relax in and other extras such as a sauna, whirlpool, pool or gym that you can really enjoy on your well-deserved vacation days. Of course, all these areas should be professionally cleaned and maintained at regular intervals so that your guests are guaranteed joy and fun during their stay.


The cleaning of sauna and Co. is relatively demanding due to increased humidity and the resulting accumulation of bacteria and requires the professional use of disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Take your time cleaning the sauna and allow the sauna to cool down for a longer period of time. Dry everything thoroughly before you start the cleaning process. Now it can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The seating and lying areas should be cleaned with disinfectants every few months. A hydrogen peroxide solution can be used for this, for example, as this is harmless and complies with the safety regulations for use in the sauna.


Once spring is on the way, it's high time to whip the garden into shape. This includes activities such as mowing the lawn, removing leaf debris, trimming hedges and watering the green areas. Using the right work materials and tools is essential here. The terrace and outdoor furniture should also leave a well-kept impression and invite you to linger. Cleaning the terrace can be difficult, especially in spring, as unsightly stains, moss, lichen, etc. can have formed there during the colder season. Wooden floors should be oiled to freshen up the protection against the weather and give the floor a new shine.


Concrete slabs or natural stone slabs can be easily cleaned of dirt with a high-pressure cleaner.

YourSweetHome cleaning checklist

So that nothing is forgotten!

No matter how modern and beautifully equipped and lovingly decorated your holiday property may be, if your guests find it dirty, it will leave a lasting negative impression.

In order to guarantee holidaymakers impeccable and comprehensive cleanliness, our cleaning team proceeds very precisely according to a checklist specially prepared by a building cleaning master. Here we have summarized some important details of the YourSweetHome cleaning checklist for you:


1. Kitchen

In the kitchen, in addition to the usual cleaning of surfaces and checking the dishes, our team cleans the following areas and devices thoroughly after each stay: We recommend that guests are provided with a water filter carafe (e.g. from Brita). With the filtered water you definitely have less or no lime in the devices.

- Fridge ▢

- Microwave ▢

- Oven ▢

- Drawers ▢

- Coffee machine incl. descaling ▢

- Kettle incl. decalcification ▢

In addition, the following utensils are freshly exchanged every time: tea towels ▢, sponges ▢, sponge cloths ▢, dishwashing liquid ▢, tabs for the dishwasher ▢.


2. Bathroom

In the bathroom, apart from the usual cleaning processes, the following cleaning is carried out by our team after check-out:

- Tiles ▢

- Toilets ▢

- Shower ▢

- bathtub ▢

- Exchange of fresh hand and bath towels ▢

- Exchange bath mat ▢

- Refill toilet paper ▢

- Provide soap and shampoo/shower gel ▢ amounts usual in hotels.

As an extra service we offer the cleaning and disinfection of whirlpools and saunas.


3. Bedrooms

In the bedroom, our cleaning team attaches particular importance to maximum cleanliness and freshness in order to guarantee a high feel-good factor. Our employees prepare the beds with great attention to detail and decorate them with artistically shaped towels. The high-quality bed linen and its professional cleaning and smoothing guarantee your guests 5-star quality and a woolly feeling.


4. Remaining rooms

The remaining rooms are also thoroughly cleaned and brought to a high gloss. Finally, the waste is disposed of by the team in strict compliance with local waste separation.


5. What our team at YourSweetHome kept in the post-Covid cleaning

We continue to disinfect all frequently used surfaces as well as those places where bacteria can be proven to accumulate (door handles, switches, remote controls, etc.). The bathroom and kitchen will also continue to be disinfected. Before Covid, a thorough cleaning was enough here. That's not enough for us now. If, contrary to expectations, official requirements are renewed, we will start up our complete hygiene program, which was specially developed for Covid, again. However, we think and hope that it will not be necessary.