Additional services

Sauna, whirlpool & fitness area

Saunas, whirlpools and fitness areas require careful and professional cleaning, as hygiene is especially important in these areas. We recommend basic cleaning of sauna 2 times a year and regular cleaning and maintenance of whirlpools and fitness areas.


Our services for sauna, whirlpool and fitness area are:

  • Damp wiping of wooden benches and walls and allow to drying thoroughly, treat seating and reclining areas every two months with disinfectant, e.g. hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Treating seats and deck surfaces every two months with disinfectants, e.g. hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Draining, cleaning and disinfecting of whirlpool.
  • Checking of fitness equipment for damages and functionality, damp cleaning, drying and then disinfecting.

Since maintenance and cleaning of the spa area depends on the equipment and size, we will make you an offer after inspection.