Additional service

Pool cleaning and maintenance

Our professional staff will be happy to take care of the cleaning, maintenance and technology of your pool.


Our pool cleaning before start of season includes:

  • Draining of the aged pool water
  • Removal of leaves, twigs, vermin, algae and algae carpets
  • Removal of lime deposits and incrustations
  • disinfection of the entire pool
  • Change of the filter sand
  • Checking and calibration of the measuring probes
  • Cleaning of the pool cover

Pool cleaning starts at 199,90 € (price depends on condition and size of the pool), free approach up to 30 km.


Pool service professional package until winter break includes:

  • 2-week professional water check
  • Check of the filter system
  • Check of all measuring parameters (pH-value, free chlorine, total chlorine, incl. used chlorine, oxygen, total hardness, cyanuric acid, salinity, bromine)
  • Adjustment of the water with water care products provided by the customer. If required, these can also be provided by us
  • Customer consultation in case of problems with adequate solution

Contract duration 1 year with cancellation option at the end of the year. 3 months test phase. Pool service professional package 69,90 €/month, free approach up to 30 km.